Surprise yourself with what you can do! Our painting class supplies everything you need to complete a painting in about two hours. Just bring friends, snacks, your choice of beverage (beer or wine is welcome, we have glasses and a corkscrew) and an expectation of fun. Just go to the calendar, pick your favorite painting and sign up! It's just that easy.

ATTENTION GROUPON CUSTOMERS! The full value for your deal expires on 7/9/14. Sign up and come paint with us soon! You will love it!

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Full instruction is provided for ALL classes.

To register for a class please sign up through our calender. It's quick, easy and it's how you reserve a seat. Private parties can be arranged by phone or e-mail. NO COUPONS may be used for private events.

We have open classes weekdays Wednesday-Friday. Open classes are fun! You pick out any painting in our gallery and paint it that day. Bring a friend, you don't have to do the same piece as each other. Full instruction provided, so no worries!

Studio hours during the week are posted on our calendar. All classes have their hours listed directly above the 'Register now ' button. You can schedule a private class during off hours or any time there is availability during the week. Just call to organize a private session for watercolor, pastels or acrylic painting. You register for any regular class via our website.

Please observe our 24hr cancellation policy on all classes.